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Cyber Breach; Data Security Insurance
Privacy Protection Coverage


The financial consequences of a computer systems breach can be devastating. Governmental bodies and industry regulators have imposed rules and regulations on data and its protection.  In spite of all of the protective measures that can be effectively put in place a breach may still occur. Thus every business utilizing any form of information technology is under threat.

Any form of breach, be it from external or internal forces, can result in fines, reprimands, remedial cost, loss of reputation and substantial loss of earnings.

In addition to having invested in all the right IT protection from firewalls to encryption software there may still be leaks so it is essential that every enterprise protect its balance sheet.

This is where insurance plays it role.  For a fraction of its IT budget an enterprise can protect its balance sheet in the event its data is compromised.  Comprehensive indemnity is now available to shield any enterprise from the consequences of lost records. Contact for further details.

To supplement any Data Security Program we make available insurance policies which pay fines, rehabilitation costs,  notification expenses and more.
Important to have because it is hard to get funding for recovery after the disaster has occurred.


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