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With over 30 years experience in specialty commercial insurance.


When you set up a website you are taking on new risk.  From inadvertent comments to the threat of hacking your business may encounter unexpected interruption and cost.

Should you transact e-commerce you are at risk for fraudulent transactions and loss of sensitive information such as credit card data.

Losses from such events are not normally covered under your business insurance policy and you need to have specialty insurance for protection.

To properly protect your business and reputation Red Lion makes available policies tailored to the needs of those with an on-line presence.

In the event of hacking, data breach, corruption and loss of sensitive information Red Lion can provide financial recovery products which mitigate losses and pay certain unexpected expenses including fines and penalties.

Red Lion has the broadest coverage available so that any financial damage to you or to others is insured at a very reasonable cost allowing you to have proper business continuity.

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