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Errors and Omissions Insurance / Professional Liability

In today’s world it is folly to operate a service business without errors and omissions insurance.  In fact proof of such insurance is often required by contract.  The policies available today are extremely varied particularly in terms of coverage and price.

You have a professional liability exposure if:

  • You are providing a service
  • Do work upon which a customer is dependent
  • Employ Professionals
Any failure to exercise the standard of care expected may result in a claim against you.

It is important that you have the right liability insurance to respond and protect you.

Red Lion has a pedigree in Professional Liability with over 25 years experience arranging coverage for all types of businesses from the most complicated global professional risk through E&O for the simplest service business.

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Red Lion secures affordable & comprehensive Errors and Omissions insurance for a wide variety of businesses and professionals including but not limited to;
Employment Services
Financial Services
Healthcare & Medical Services
Legal Services
Marketing & Media
IT professionals
Technology Services

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