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With over 30 years experience in specialty commercial insurance.

Insurance for Healthcare Providers

Insurance for Healthcare Providers

·         Insurance for Allied Healthcare, Healthcare Practitioners & Medical Professionals.

      Broad Coverage at Low Cost

      Monthly Premium Payments

·         Package Policies or Monoline coverage

·         Professional Liability

·         General Liability

·         Medical Records Insurance

·         Molestation and Abuse coverage

·         Contents and Equipment Insurance

·         Coverage available to individuals or groups

·         Limits up to $20,000,000 available     

·         Premiums start at $500 per year (monthly terms are available)

·         Big or small we do them all

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve rapidly it is important that your insurance coverage keeps pace.  Advances in medicine, medical technology and treatment have created new specialties.

Improvements in delivery and administrative systems have caused loss exposures to change.

Contract language has attempted to shift risk.

A policy purchased five years ago is more than likely inferior in terms of price and coverage to what is available today.

For those who have simply been renewing a policy year in year out it is wise to consider the variety of options that can be found in an innovative and competitive insurance market. Whether for a single line of cover or a full package it is important that your policy provides proper value.  As a broker, Red Lion works on your behalf to secure that value by obtaining the most appropriate insurance policy to cover todays exposures.

Contact Information:
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Telephone: 704.737.2175
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Coverage Available:

• Professional liability

• General liability

• Sexual misconduct and physical abuse liability

• Contractual liability

• Employee benefits liability

• Tenants’ liability

• Non-owned and hired automobile liability

• Commercial property & business interruption

• Computer virus and hacking attack liability

• Loss mitigation costs

• Medical expenses cover

  Medical Records Insurance

• Court attendance costs

• Brand protection cover

• Indemnity to mortgagees, landlords or lessors of leased equipment

Just some of the professions eligible….

If your profession is not listed it doesn’t mean we can’t handle it!





Art therapist

Asian bodywork

Athletic trainers Audiologist

Auricular detox


Ayurveda practitioner (non invasive)

Bach remedy practitioner

Biofeedback practitioners


Body therapy practitioner

Certified laboratory technicians

Certified medical assistant

Clerical assistant

Clinical laboratory technicians, medical technicians, medical lab technicians

Color puncture / color therapy

Community health assistant / technician

Conscious breathing practitioner

Corrective therapist



Crystal therapist

Cupping practitioner

Dance movement therapy / movement therapy

Dental assistant

Dental hygienist


Health educators

Hearing therapist

Hellerwork practitioner

Histologic technician


Horticultural therapist


Laboratory aide Lymphatic drainage therapist

Massage therapist Medical assistant

Medical records technician / administrator

Meditation practitioner

Music therapist



Orthotic / prosthetic fitting

Personal trainer


Pilates practitioner

Prosthetic device fitters

Recreation therapist


Speech therapist


X-Ray operator

Yoga practitioner