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Liability Insurance for Medical Device Distributors

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As leaders in the industry Red Lion has regularly arranged comprehensive insurance coverage for Medical Device and Pharma Distributors operating Regionally, Nationally and Internationally

Few insurance companies understand the unique needs of the medical distributor. Red Lion works with all insurers to get the best deal with appropriate coverage at the most economical price.

The simplest way for a distributor to ensure all reps have the proper General Liability and Professional Liability insurance coverage in place for balance sheet protection and credentialing purposes is to have in place a policy that protects not only the distributor itself but also all of its reps.

A distributors policy should extend coverage to all reps whether W-2’s or 10-99’s. It should  automatically cover new reps. In this way the distributor knows the proper protection is always in place.

When attempting to hire and retain key talent automatic coverage through the distributor policy is  increasingly attractive to reps especially because the cost per rep is at its lowest.

As a distributor should you consider an insurance policy for your firm or shopping your existing insurance? The answer is “Yes” because at this time there exists a competitive market amongst bona fide insurance companies.  Contact us to navigate the market for you.